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What Is Dry Brushing?

Have you heard of Dry Brushing? Well, its exactly what it sounds like & it’s insanely good for you! Dry brushing is something you can easily incorporate into your daily routine (I like to do it after my shower).

The good thing is, it’s just as beneficial doing it yourself as it is spending money at the spa for someone else to do it. I’ve tried both for years and personally like doing it myself. It feels just as good & cost a whole lot less! Below I will tell you How to drybrush and the Benefits of dry brushing:

How To:

  1. Buy a dry brush (and body oil if preferred). You can find dry brushes at any beauty mart. I bought mine at CVS for only $5.00 and it can be used as a wet brush as well. Some people like to put oil on the brush before, but I do it dry to get the best results and then apply lotion or oil after.
  2. Start at your feet and brush up towards your heart.That is were the lymph system drains. Same goes for the upper body, start from your hands and work upwards.
  3. Use gentle circular strokes upward for every part of the body besides the stomach, you’ll want to work in a circular counter-clockwise motion.
  4. Do this for only 3-5 minutes or until you feel satisfied.


  • Boost circulation
  • Erase dead skin cells
  • Stimulate lymph nodes
  • Improve digestion
  • Say bye-bye to cellulite
  • Helps the body remove general waste

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