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The Truth Behind Drinking & Living A Healthy Lifestyle…

So, last night was my first time drinking since March. Luckily, I took my 1stPhorm “Remedy” while I was out so the hangover isn’t too bad today.

I’m not too big of a drinker, I hate how I feel when I do, but lets be real…we all need a good ‘ol adult beverage once in awhile. We all know how bad alcohol is for us, yet we still tend to drink it. I’m here to be realistic with you. I’m not going to sit here and tell you you need to stop drinking completely, but I will tell you you should try to cut it down to only a few drinks a month.

My clients are always asking me if they can drink alcohol and if so what kind, how often, and how does it affect their bodies. Today I am going to answer all those question and more!

Living the lifestyle I do, I’m always seeing what works and what doesn’t for my body. I do this with weight training, dieting, beauty regimens, and recently did it with alcohol. I enjoyed a nice glass of wine on Tuesdays and Thursdays and cocktails/tequila shots on Saturday nights. I did this for 4 weeks. While I did this, I kept up with the exact workout routine I normally do to get the results I want. I noticed that my muscle definition went down, I didn’t feel as focused, I felt more depressed, bloated, skin broke out, and lacked energy. I didn’t have the confidence I normally did and just overall felt like shit.

The next 4 weeks after that I didn’t have a single glass of alcohol… can you guess what happened? I felt amazing! While doing the same exact workouts I was before, I noticed more muscle definition, weight loss, and a crap ton of energy. I felt like Beyonce and Superwoman all in one! My business and personal life both sky rocketed with positivity in comparison to the weeks I was drinking 3x a week.

My advice to you:

  1. If you do drink, stick to Titos vodka or Tequila with soda water and a lemon/lime.
  2. If you do drink, don’t drink more than 4 glasses a month.
  3. Chug 2-4 glasses of water before bed.
  4. Have a reason. Have a reason to get up early the next day and stay motivated that way you can give yourself a cut off time and get ready for the events planned for the next day.
  5. If living a healthy lifestyle is something you are serious about, I recommend cutting alcohol out as a whole. Enjoy a nice drink once or twice a month, but other than that, drinking should not be in your weekly plans.
  6. A great replacement for alcoholic beverages —> kombucha! Kombucha has been used by the Chinese for over 2,000 years and the health benefits are endless.

If you seriously want to change your lifestyle, drinking and isn’t on the to-do list anymore. Take this time to set your health/fitness goals and just f*ing stick to them already! We aren’t getting any younger and now is the time to make that change!

I challenge you to try to be sober for 1 month, and see how you feel. If you want to go all the way download my free 2-week plan while you do it! Use #kmsweat throughout your journey so I can see your progress and help motivate you! @kenziemarianofit 

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