Don't Settle For A Cookie-Cutter Routine.

It’s nearly impossible for thousands of people to follow the exact same diet and workout plan and achieve success. The reality is that nearly every person is different and the fastest way to achieve your goals are through a personalized fitness program crafted specifically to meet your unique preferences, requirements and lifestyle. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, tone up, or just have a healthier lifestyle; a KMfit program can get you there. 

Every KMfit Program Includes:

Complete 30-Day Schedule

Customized Workout Plan

Customized Meal Plan

Program PDF via Email (PDF)

Plan to Work With or Without A Full Gym

Access To Direct Chat With Kenzie 24/7

Exercise Glossary and Tips

List of Recommended Food and Supplements

How It Works

Start Your Journey in 4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Pick your program or take our Fit Quiz Assessment.
  • Step 2: Your workout and meal plan is crafted based on your goals and personal profile
  • Step 3: Receive your customized plan in 24 hours!
  • Step 4: Start your journey with 24/7 live support from Kenzie and her growing knowledgebase!


12-Week Fat Killer

Workout & Meal Plan

  • Smash Weight Goals
  • 12-Week Program (billed monthly)
  • New Plan Each Month
  • Customized For You!

The name says it all. Say goodbye to that waistline. Attack fat and burn it off at a pace that’s right for you.

12-Week Shredded

Workout & Meal Plan

  • Get Shredded and Tone
  • 12-Week Plan (billed monthly)
  • New Plan Each month
  • Customized For You!

This program does exactly what it says: get tone & cut, build power, and gain muscle.

Mommy and Me

Workout & Meal Plan

  • Perfect For New Moms
  • 30 Day Plan
  • New Plan Each Month
  • Customized For You

Bouncing back was never so easy. This program is specifically design for new moms with busy schedules and an extra little mouth to feed.

Clean Living

Meal Plan

  • Comprehensive Meal Plan
  • 30 Day Intervals
  • New Plan Each Month
  • Customized For Your Preferences and Restrictions

Sometimes simplicity is best. This meal plan program is design to give you a clear and attainable roadmap to reaching your goals through diet and lifestyle habits.

Personal Training

Need Even More? Contact Me To Learn About Personal Training