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How To Improve Your Lung Health

With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire, it is crucial to do what you can to strengthen your lungs from home. Here are a few tips:

Stay Hydrated – This is so important on so many levels. I personally drink about a gallon of water a day. Making sure you are hydrated has endless benefits: clear skin, pH balance, cleanses organs, regulates body temperature, proper brain and heart function, and in this case keeps the lungs nice and lubricated so nastiness (aka COVID-19) can’t stick to it long.

Breathing Exercises – This is something I recently started focusing on after getting a horrible virus in Japan about 2 years ago that had the same symptoms as COVID-19. When I went to the hospital in Japan, they just said I had some sort of virus and to ride it out. I had never experienced an illness like it, my entire body was trying to shut down, and it caused me to have breathing issues for about a year. I went to doctors when I got back to America thinking I had asthma, but I didn’t, my body had gotten some serious damage from this unknown virus. So I had to do what I could, on my own, to strengthen my lungs weekly. There are a few amazing guided apps you can download like the Breathing App, SpiroSmart, and Calm.

Staying Active – Right now, more than ever, you must keep moving! Not only from a good energy perspective, but to keep your lungs functioning to their best ability. I do not recommend strenuous activity though. Stick to the exercise you are use to doing or close to it, I do not recommend trying to run 6 miles right now if you haven’t ran since high school. Take it slow, but still challenge the lungs a bit. Keep your distance from people. You can still get a good ass kicking from your living room, I promise! Follow me on Instagram where I have been posting at-home workouts and much more.

Nutrition & Supplements – What you put inside your body right now means everything! It is time to load up on your veggies & vitamins baby. Below are foods and supplements I highly recommend at this time:

Don’t Smoke. PERIOD – I don’t care if its cigarettes, weed, vape pens, or whatever else there is out there now a days you can smoke. Simply don’t. You will regret it so bad if/when you get this virus. You need every inch of your lungs to fight this bad boy off and if you smoke anything you are lowering your chances. Be smart guys. If you can’t quit forever, I get it, but right now you really do not have a choice.

I hope everyone is staying safe & social distancing themselves.

It is so important we do our part.

Stay strong, keep praying, and we’ll come out of this better than before.

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Have a great Monday & remember you are powerful!

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