‘Healthy’ Comfort Recipes: Air Fryer Edition

Let’s be real, if you’re anything like me, all you want to do is stress eat until all this craziness is over. But, you also don’t want it to come in between your goals, make your wallet hurt even more, or come out of this just in time for summer with an extra 10 lbs. on ya. We will have our days, but that does not mean we need to completely fall off track! Here are a few of the affordable healthier recipes I have made this past week that will still give you that southern comfort:

First, you will need an air fryer!

I promise this will be the best purchase of your life! I have made cakes, meat, veggies, muffins, frozen food, you name it, all in this thing. It’s super fast and easy to clean. It’s made my life so much easier especially during these turbulent times.

  • Thai Chili Wings– this recipe is super simple and can be made with any seasoning you like. I get a bunch of my groceries from trader joes. I used their “vegan chicken-less” seasoning for the wings. If you do not have this some garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper will do just fine! After cutting and cleaning the chicken, I tossed the wings in olive oil and let it soak in the seasoning for as long as possible. I did about 20 minutes, but the longer the better! Once this was done I threw them into the air fryer. Cooking at 360 degrees for about 20-30 minutes or until they are crisp! Once they are done, use a fresh new ziplock bag to toss in the Sweet Thai Chili Sauce. Sprinkle a little parsley and serve.
  • Cayenne Stevia Bacon Breaky– Girllllll this hits the spot on Sunday mornings! The bacon was very simple to make. I bought trader Joe’s uncured smoked maple bacon and sprinkled some cayenne & 1 stevia packet on top before putting into the air fryer. Cook at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until desired crispiness! I put the bacon on top of 2 scrambled eggs and a Killer Daves English muffin! As you can see, I don’t usually eat too many greens, especially with breakfast, so I drink my Opt-greens 50 with breakfast. If you aren’t getting 4-5 servings of veggies a day or taking a probiotic, I highly recommend this powder. It helps me with digestion, I never get bloated anymore, and I feel good knowing I got my super greens in for the day!

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