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I'm giving away my free 2-week program that you can do at home - no gym needed!

Kenzie Mariano Fit

What You'll Get:

  • Complete 14-Day workout schedule with instructions
  • Workout details, tips and notes from me
  • Recommended supplements (that I actually use)
  • Diet tips & tricks

This is 10 PAGES of real workouts, tips and tricks that I provide to my clients. If you were to hire a trainer to get this in the gym it would cost you $500+ and I’m giving it away for free.

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1 Week Results

Kenzie Mariano Fit

2 Week Results

Kenzie Mariano Fit
Kenzie Mariano Fit

I didn’t think working out could be so much fun! Hello bikini body! Thank you so much – Rhonda B. 

Kenzie is awesome! She comes to every appointment prepared with a warmup, some great circuits and a burnout that leaves you feeling it the next day. She doesn’t just work on the physical… she also always strives to motivate you and improve the mental! The workouts are tough but I always look forward to them because I know they’re helping shape and transform my body better than I could myself. I highly recommend Kenzie! – Chloe D.

Working out by myself is tough, with Kenzie pushing me it’s something I look forward to now. It’s all about finding the perfect match. Thanks girl, feeling good/looking great! – Cecilia M.

This 2-Week FREE Program Includes:

Complete 14-Day Schedule

Full Workouts Including Descriptions & Tips

Supplement & Diet Recommendations

10-Page PDF That You Can Print & Save

Kenzie Mariano Fit

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  • Give me your IG so we can DM for questions, tips and motivation!
  • (to send the free guide to)