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Eat Healthy When Eating Out

Dining out has become the “norm” in America. It’s fun, sociable, and hey who doesn’t like to get dolled up to go out to eat with friends and family!


Let’s face it, eating out is one of the leading causes to gaining weight, its expensive, time consuming, and loaded with hidden salt & sugars.

I get it—Sometimes you just really don’t have enough time to cook at home, and that is perfectly fine as long as you don’t make a habit of it.

Thats why I have provided some tips, tricks, and food options below to help keep you slim and satisfied while eating out:

    1. Always order water and skip the fancy cocktails.
    2. As hard as it may be, ask the waiter to skip the bread basket.
    3. Make your side dish vegetables. Ask the waiter to bring you double veggies!
    4. Don’t let salads fool you. Some salads are loaded with salt and dressings, so be sure you select a freshly made salad with lean protein, dressing on the side, and dark leafy greens.
    5. Ask for your lean meats or fish to be lightly seasoned if possible.
    6. Stay away from buffets!
    7. Chug a glass of water right when you are seated.
    8. No soda what so ever. Replace is with a sparkling water and lemon or some sort of fruit for taste.
    9. A lot of restaurants double the average portion size, if you feel like this is the case, split the dish with whoever you went out to eat with or take it home for lunch the next day. (I have also included a hand portion control diagram below)
    10. No dessert for you missy, sorry!

Cheat Sheet for Meals:

  • Carbohydrates- rice, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats
  • Proteins- chicken & white fish
  • Vegetables of choice (darker the greens, the better)
  • Fruit of choice only in mornings & afternoons
  • Healthy fats- salmon, avocado, nuts and seeds


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