Hey everyone! My name is Kenzie Mariano and I am a personal trainer, fitness model, motivator and entrepreneur from Fort Lauderdale, FL. I am 24 years old and a licensed personal trainer with a Marketing & Nutrition degree from the University of Alabama. My own personal experience of training for the past 8 years formed my belief that everyone deserves a customized personal training program.

Fitness, health, and helping others all first started as hobbies of mine. I was an athlete through out my middle and high school years until I got very sick and injured. I’ll never forget my last cross country race. I broke my record, placed top 20 in the state of Florida, and did all of this while unknowingly having mono, strep throat, high fever and a sprained ankle. As you can imagine after that I was bed rest for about 2+ months. Originally going to the University of Alabama to study Marketing, I decided to instead pursue my dream of being my own boss and dedicate myself to improving the lives of my clients and leading them to healthier and happier versions of themselves.

I love to celebrate the success of others and a huge goal of mine is to build confident with themselves and help them find a new, healthy, invigorating lifestyle through fitness that they’ll love, just as I do.

What makes me different? Everything I do for you is personalized. I customized the workouts and meal plans to work for YOU. I will never give 2 clients the same plans. We are all different, and you deserve to be treated like so.

With social media today, it’s easy for the average person to get sucked in to spending hundreds of dollars on workout programs created by Instagram models with good bodies who have no knowledge on fitness or health. They just know what works for them and expect it to work for everyone else, and people fall for it. That physically is impossible if you want fast accurate results. You need a system that works for you, and that is what I’m here for.

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