The Ultimate 12- Week Guide: Building & Toning Your Glutes

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Start your transformation with a customized workout and diet plan.

12-Week Fat Killer

Workout & Meal Plan

  • Smash Weight Goals
  • 12-Week Program (billed monthly)
  • New Plan Each Month
  • Customized For You!

The name says it all. Say goodbye to that waistline. Attack fat and burn it off at a pace that’s right for you.

12-Week Shredded

Workout & Meal Plan

  • Get Shredded and Tone
  • 12-Week Plan (billed monthly)
  • New Plan Each month
  • Customized For You!

This program does exactly what it says: get tone & cut, build power, and gain muscle.

Clean Living

Custom Diet Plan

  • Introduce Healthier Lifestyle
  • 30 Day Plan
  • New Plan Each Month
  • Customized For You

Meal-plan only program. Get back on track nutritionally and create a healthier you that uses food as fuel.

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A Complete Fitness Program Built Around You.

There is only one YOU on this planet. With that said, it is nearly impossible for thousands of people to follow the exact same diet and workout plan (which is what most people fall for). Whether you are trying to loss weight, gain weight, tone up, or just have a healthier lifestyle; I will personalize a plan to help fulfill your goals. I create all of my programs to be 1 month long, and depending on what goals you want to achieve will determine what’s included in the program. Exercise routines are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals…

Success Stories

People just like you are achieving their fitness goals.

1 Week Results

Kenzie Mariano Fit

2 Week Results

Kenzie Mariano Fit
Kenzie Mariano Fit

I didn’t think working out could be so much fun! Hello bikini body! Thank you so much – Rhonda B. 

Kenzie is awesome! She comes to every appointment prepared with a warmup, some great circuits and a burnout that leaves you feeling it the next day. She doesn’t just work on the physical… she also always strives to motivate you and improve the mental! The workouts are tough but I always look forward to them because I know they’re helping shape and transform my body better than I could myself. I highly recommend Kenzie! – Chloe D.

Working out by myself is tough, with Kenzie pushing me it’s something I look forward to now. It’s all about finding the perfect match. Thanks girl, feeling good/looking great! – Cecilia M.

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4-Week Fat Loss Program

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The Ultimate Guide: Building & Toning Your Glutes

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